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There must be thousands of books out there that talk about leadership; how to be a great leader; how to perform as a leader. How to become a leader; what great leaders have done and created; who has been a great leader; and many other matters related to leadership.

Well, today I want to sum it all up into one simple concept that I recently discovered as the ONE KEY FACTOR for being a GREAT LEADER.

The elements for being a good leader:

Most of us want to create a positive impact on someone, at least that’s the mindset I believe we all have at first, some leaders have made really wrong decisions which in the end resulted in the exact opposite, but I am of the opinion that anyone’s initial intention is to create some sort of positive result, even though in the end it was actually only positive him/her.

Trying to create any kind of impact on someone else’s life is a science all by itself, and being a leader is not only having the ability to create an impact, but it is also about causing them to act on something we need or expect.

It is hard and it is complicated.

Positive Influence

Influencing positively is a whole other matter that will make you a great leader. This is something anyone should consider before taking that huge step into leadership. Ask yourself: Will I be able to make a positive mark on the people I’m going to lead? Will I be willing to do everything in my hands to make this possible?

Being a leader is not an easy role, but it is a role that some of us have to assume as part of who we are.

Now, let's get into that one thing that will ensure you are making a great job. If you do everything you’re supposed to do at your job, but don’t accomplish this one thing, you are not being the leader that you are expected to be, and so, you’ll be failing. 

The Effects of Good Leadership:

If you think about it, the one thing that accomplishes a leader’s true responsibility will create all of the following reactions on people:

1. They will do what they’re supposed to do.

2. They will exceed your expectations.

3. They will create incredible results.

4. They will enjoy what they do.

5. They will feel like their work is significant.

6. They will feel special and acknowledge that they are part of something bigger.

7. They will grow as a person and as a professional.

8. They will look up to you.

The One Thing:

These are all effects that any leader should expect. And the ONE THING that I’ve discovered that creates all of these “secondary-effects” is I N S P I R A T I O N.

An inspired person will not stop until they get what they are after.

There are infinite ways to inspire, and great leaders have all their own special way: Some are tough but considerate of their workers. Other are incredibly outstanding at one or many skills. Some have a unique gift for creating an instant connection with the people they meet. Others are great with big crowds and their words are very motivational. Many great leaders inspire by example and many others by creating expectations. As I said, the possibilities are countless.

In the end, it is a very simple concept and you could think it as hard to achieve, but ultimately I think it is about connecting with your true self. I am a true believer that ANYONE can do this, you just need to find that ONE THING that makes you special and different, the one thing that will make you stand out and truly deliver something to this world that was worth your time in it. If you find it, that is the quality that will inspire others to look up to you. And the only way to do this is by being your true self. Forget about following anyone else's tips or ways, you need to I N V E N T your own unique way.


What you should think of, if you are a leader or are planning on being a leader any time soon, is: What kind of inspiration do you WANT and CAN create? Is there a special skill you have? Or maybe a special way to be with people? Or maybe even a combination of the two. It doesn't matter, the important thing is that it is your own. After that, think about how will you make others notice this special skill in order to create a great movement, because, in the end, INSPIRING PEOPLE IS CREATING MOVEMENT.

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